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Looking Back: The NPJ Best of 2011

Legbamel Not-Pop

I thought I'd take a look back at 2011 and see which posts were most visited over the course of the year. Naturally, older posts have the advantage of having had more time to accrue said visits but some get attention very quickly. Here are ten top posts, in no particular order:

Born to Love Volcanos—The Dead Milkmen
Zydeco Christmas—CJ Chenier
Post-Post Modern Man—Devo
Mashed Like Teen Spirit—Various DJs
Boogie Woogie Reveille—Various Artists
Jump in the Line and Shake Senora
Ça Va Chouia—Manu Dibango
Stone Rollin'—Raphael Saadiq
Cumbia Celtica—Salsa Celtica
Phone Number Songs—Various Artists

And the song most listened to on my blog in the entire past year at five times the visits of any other? The Sublime cover of Hong Kong Phooey. What does that tell me about my visitors? Not a thing, although it does tell me that an awful lot of people are looking for a picture of that crazy, kung fu dog and they're willing to listen to a wacky remake of this theme song when they find one.

What do the other ten tell me? That people have as varied a taste in music as I do myself. It does my heart good to see obscure people, older songs, and the strange comparisons my mind sometimes makes getting so much attention. Happy New Year and tomorrow I'll post a song. How about that?

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