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Zydeco Christmas - CJ Chenier

Legbamel Not-Pop

Just about everyone who knows anything about Zydeco knows the name Clifton Chenier. A lot of folks don't realize that he had a son who has continued the rollicking zydeco tradition. The son's name is CJ and he just released a new album about six weeks ago. I'd like to post one of those tracks, namely the title track of the CD, "Can't Sit Down", but none of them show up anywhere to embed right now.

As it's Black Friday, the official start of the holiday season, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone today with Zydeco Christmas. This song gives you great zydeco, a taste of CJ Chenier's sound, and a much more fun holiday task than fighting bloodthirsty crowds trying to save 27% on a thing they don't even need. Make some gumbo, dance around the kitchen, and enjoy this blast of zydeco flavor. If and when I get my digital fingers on the new album I'll definitely share.

Zydeco Christmas by C.J. Chenier on Grooveshark

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