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Hong Kong Phooey - Sublime

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's the first of May and time for something fun! You can all thank hubby for this one. He was burning some vinyl and has been wandering around the house singing Hong Kong Phooey for months. I finally got around to looking it up and I knew it had to be the song for today. Apparently, it was a cartoon. I've never seen it but this song makes me ridiculously happy, probably because my children are currently jumping around the living room singing along at the tops of their lungs.

But out of curiosity I had to get a picture. That's when I realized that I had seen the cartoon, after all, of a long-ago Saturday morning. So I'm offering to you all the mental image of this fluffy like martial arts master beating up the members of Sublime, because that's the image of Hong Kong Phooey that I've got in my head now. I hope it entertains you as much as it has me.

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