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Cumbia Celtica - Salsa Celtica

Legbamel Not-Pop

You know you've found something with a true world beat sound when you see a name like Salsa Celtica. True to their name, the band uses Celtic fiddles and a banjo as the foundation for some pounding salsa music, horns and Spanish lyrics and all. It's like an Scottish-Mexican mashup of massive proportions.

And, yes, it's as much fun as it sounds. And, lest you presume these are Spaniards who have adopted the Celtic side of their sound, the 11-piece band hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. I selected Cumbia Celtica for today because, well, the band sounds like they're having a great time and the banjo and fiddle are so prominent in it. If you like this one try Ya Llego for sheer dance-ability and Fuerte for some great horns.

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