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Ruby Soho and Tommy Gun - Rancid and The Clash


I must admit that, for quite some time, I thought Ruby Soho was simply a song by The Clash that I had missed somewhere along the way. Sure, I couldn't imagine how that was possible, but I never thought to look at the mp3 player my husband was using and determine the album. Finally, I took it upon myself to clarify. Imagine my surprise when the artist showed up as Rancid! Who are these copycats, I thought to myself. Once I'd listened to a bit more of the band's songs I realized that not all of them sound exactly like The Clash. Ruby Soho, on the other hand, does. As proof, I give you Tommy Gun for comparison. Tell me, do these songs not sound like they're from different albums by the same band? Whether or not you agree with that assessment, I hope that you'll agree that they're two great songs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In regards to your Ruby Soho-Rancid-Clash mixup.....whew!!! I was thinking that I had somehow missed a Clash song somewhere along the way. The song popped into my head at work tonight and I was determined to come home and solve this mystery. Then I found your blog. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks! I thought the same thing the first time I heard Ruby Soho--I missed a Clash song?! Because if I missed it then I missed a whole album and how could that be? :D

  3. KL says:

    58 years old. Heard Ruby Soho on the radio. I missed a Clash song???
    Found your post. Thnald sor the help!

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