Ignored, Maligned, and Forgotten Music

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About the NPJ

Because I listen to so much music, I find myself constantly discovering new artists and songs. I also generally have one stuck in my head, if another isn't playing in my ears. My taste spreads across many genres and varies wildly from one minute to the next. I never know what will strike my musical fancy. I hope that you enjoy exploring them with me!

Are You a Musician or Do You Represent a Label?
If you want a review, please contact me! Though I'm always open to new music, please do have your songs available for embed somewhere or give me permission to upload one to Grooveshark so that I can share them with my listeners.

If I like what I hear, you'll get a review on the NPJ and, if you've sent me some tracks, I'll scrobble my listens on Last.FM so that you appear on my various profiles. I'll likely tweet about you on Twitter, or post about you on Google +.

If I've posted a song of yours here, it will not be free to download unless it has been made available for such elsewhere on-line. (When you click "Download" in the rare imeem player you may find here, it takes you to options for purchasing the track.) If you still don't want your songs to appear here, let me know and I'll remove them.

Can I Listen to the Whole Thing?
All of the links here at the Not-Pop Jukebox will be to full tracks if at all humanly (well, digitally) possible. If the artist's name is linked, it's to their home page or another post where you can listen to some of their other songs. I link to the individual tracks at Amazon or to the site where you can purchase a singer's or band's CDs on occasion and I encourage all listeners to purchase tracks or albums. You want to to keep around those artists that you enjoy!

I'm going to attempt to limit my labels to a few very general genres. Some of them may be too broad so if you really disagree with one, let me know. If you've got suggestions, recommendations, or ideas for improvements, I'd love to hear them.

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