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You Pick the Winner: Ike Reilly vs. Amy Rigby vs. Florence and The Machine

Legbamel Not-Pop

Normally I wouldn't post the same artist two days in a row but I ended up listening to Amy Rigby's Dancing with Joey Ramone and two songs came to mind when I listened to the lyrics.  Ike Reilly, in Hip Hop Thighs, sings about "dancing with the ex-lead singer of The Clash", the great punkster Joe Strummer of about the same era as The Ramones. And when Ms. Rigby sings that Mr. Ramone hit her and it felt like a kiss how could my mind go anywhere but Florence and The Machine with Kiss with a Fist?

And so I offer all three vaguely-related songs today and ask you which you like best. Personally, I'm not a fan of domestic violence and don't support the idea of hitting, kicking, or throwing dishes as some twisted expression of love but I like both of these songs. I think dancing with Joey Ramone is a bit of stretch but you can find plenty of videos of Mr. Strummer dancing and not just to Clash songs.

I thought about adding Allo, Darlin' and their delightful Henry Rollins Don't Dance but I thought that rather went against the theme. I was going to link to my post on it anyway but I've found I don't have one. I guess you know what I'm writing about, tomorrow!

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