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I Don't Wanna Talk about Love No More - Amy Rigby

Legbamel Not-Pop

I bumped into Amy Rigby today and I had to share her with you. She's funny, clever, and sweet in equal parts, overlaid on a firm basis in snark. I've chosen to include I Don't Wanna Talk about Love No More because I know everyone has had this feeling at some point. The message of the song? Can't we talk about the billion other things in the world or does every conversation have to be about love and sex? If you like that one try Cynically Yours.

Now, Amy Rigby doesn't have a fantastic voice. What she does have is emotion, passion, and wit that carry her personality into every song. She's the kind of singer/songwriter you'd want to got out for coffee or a couple of beers with rather than just watching her in concert. She's been working in the music industry for decades, bouncing from project to project and putting every bit of her life experience, including motherhood and relationships, into the songs she writes. She's been punk, pop, country, and folk plus every combination and permutation thereof.

All of that makes for music that is fun and interesting. You know I have a serious weakness for that sort of thing, even if she doesn't have a horn section most of the time. So have a listen to I Don't Wanna Talk about Love No More and see if you like her as much as I do. And if you're an old, staid, married couple have a listen to Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again? and see if you don't find yourself in at least on of her examples.

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