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Drumming Song - Florence and The Machine

Legbamel Not-Pop

With Florence and The Machine I have another example of an artist I recommended elsewhere and never included here. Yet the powerful voice, unusual sentiments, and all-around strong music make them a must-have in my music collection. Today, I rectify that oversight.

Though Kiss with a Fist was the first of the their songs I heard it's been posted and played in plenty of places. I thought we would more enjoy Drumming Song, a love song in the Florence and The Machine style. If you've not heard them then you'll just have to listen to get the idea: it's enormous and beautiful and strange, just the way I like my music.

The sheer size of the sound here comes not from a fabulous horn section or seven back-up singers but from Florence Welch's amazing pipes and songwriting. If you like this one I really do recommend the entire album, "Lungs", and the previous one, "Dog Days Are Over".

By the way, if you're a Beastie Boys fan head over to Hot Sauce Committee where you can stream their entire new album. It's got a lot of funk (like Funky Donkey) and even some punk-rap, old-school, with Lee Majors Come Again.

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