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I'm a Lady - Shaka Ponk

Legbamel Not-Pop

Thanks to a couple of fine folks over at Google+ I've been introduced to my new favorite rock band. Shaka Ponk is everything the mopy, post-grunge whiners strive to be. They're edgy, in-your-face, and unexpected. They're also great fun and, from the looks of the I'm a Lady video, put on one hell of a wild live show. Somehow I doubt they'll be touring North Dakota any time soon, from their native France so I'll have to satisfy myself with watching videos.

Rather than distracting, this video adds a lot of punch to the song and clarifies that it is not only the female singer proclaiming the title in the chorus. If you find I'm a Lady as headbang-inspiring as I do, if you find yourself jumping up and down in time to the beat, and especially if you're interested in the lead singer announcing he's a lady, try Lucky Girl next for more confounding of your expectations.

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