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Throw Me a Line - IAMEVE

Legbamel Not-Pop

While the sound is more Florence + the Machine, IAMEVE has begun something similar to Janelle Monae with her story cycle, "The Everything Nothing". The first EP is subtitled "Act 1" and contains six songs which tell a story I'm not quite sure I follow, yet.

In part it's the videos. The two I've watched in full seem to contradict the songs. In Throw Me a Line, for instance, IAMEVE spends her time throwing off the lines by which she's bound. Nonetheless, I'm intrigued by this, the beginning song of the story, and how she goes from here to Temptress. Whatever the case, it's a great introduction to a new artist who's trying to make something different. Have a listen and let me know whether you think the video fits the song better than I do.

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