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Come Alive - Janelle Monae

Legbamel Not-Pop

Okay, boys and girls, I've got something for you that takes ten minutes to watch, and then several more to slide back to the start and watch it again...and maybe again. I've posted Janelle Monae at The NPJ before (and I'm certain I'll post her again) but this live performance absolutely blew me away.

Come Alive is from her amazing sequence based on a Blade-Runner-esque future about an android that falls in love. The recorded version showcases her amazing vocal range but this...this is sheer personality bolstered by wondrous talent. And she's not even there the last minute-plus of the song!

Have a watch and see if you can't figure out why I find Janelle Monae one of the most exciting performers out there. The idea that she's becoming quite popular fills me with glee. If anyone deserves it, it's the Archandroid. Now stop reading and watch her Come Alive.

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