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You Pick the Winner: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs vs. Paul Simon

Legbamel Not-Pop

I came upon a pair of songs today that have identical beginnings and then veer off in wildly different directions. One was Los Fabulosos Cadillacs with El Matador and the other Paul Simon's The Obvious Child. Now, "Rhythm of the Saints" was released in 1990 and "Vasos VacĂ­os" in 1993 so I think it's safe to guess that the former influenced the latter rather than the other way around. Given Paul Simon's searching out of global music influences, however, and the fact that Los Fabulosos Cadillacs has been around since 1985, however, I don't know that the two didn't cross-pollinate at some point.

Whether they did or not, have a listen to both songs and let me know which one you like better. Personally, The Obvious Child has long been a favorite of mine but I've enjoyed El Matador a whole lot in the short time I've known about it. Cast your vote and, if you have some insider knowledge, let me know if Paul Simon spent some time in Argentina in the late 80s.

Los Fabulosos Paul Simon by legbamel on Grooveshark

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