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Love Me Like a Rock - Paul Simon

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was going to save this for Mother's Day but in listening to Paul Simon's Loves Me Like a Rock I suddenly discovered Barack Obama's new theme song. 'Twas the verse that runs thus which inspired me:

And if I was President (was the President)
The minute Congress call my name (was the President)
I'd say "Who do,who do you think you're fooling?" (Who do you think you're fooling?)
I've got the Presidential Seal (was the President)
I'm up on the Presidential Podium
My mama loves me
She loves me
She get down on her knees and hug me
She love me like a rock
Considering the recess appointment hoorah going on right now this seems particularly appropriate. Whether you believe Obama did the right thing or not, the amount of ire likely to come his way over the next several weeks or months may well have him reminding himself of the basic premise of this song.

And before you point it out, I know I posted Loves Me Like a Rock before. But how often to I make a political post? Let me ease into the new year and say something a little different. Sheesh, you slave drivers!

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