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Plus Rien ne M'arrête - Zebra & Bagad Karaez

Legbamel Not-Pop

If I told you that DJ Zebra, purveyor of brilliant mashups like Roxanne Should Be Dancing, was about to release an original album, would you be excited? I certainly was. And Plus Rien ne M'arrête made me doubly so.

Zebra and Bagad Karaez have taken a live brass section (well, at least a trombone, according the track details), some great beats, and added percussion, bagpipes, and vocals to make this glorious mess of high-energy fun. Oh, and the lyrics are in French, so you know I'm all over it.

The album doesn't release until October 20th but I'm already impatient for more. Have a listen and click over for Celtic Suckers, the other song they've released for preview.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Zebra says:

    I'm really happy that you like Zebra & Bagad Karaez. I'm so proud of this new band. It's much more than a mix of sounds: i wrote the lyrics and music, sing this song, and even produce the album on my label Zebramix. The Bagad Karaez is a band from Brittany (west of France), with 30 musiciens playing celtic music usually. We met in 2008, and play as a rock band since 2010. It's like a new start for me, but not really far from what i've done as a mashup DJ, because it sounds like a mix of different cultures.
    Come see us on www.zebrabagadkaraez.com

  2. Thanks so much for adding this background! I was too lazy yesterday to do much research. I'll be certainly be looking for more from Bagad Karaez.

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