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Roxanne Should Be Dancing - DJ Zebra

Legbamel Not-Pop

Every once in a while, I get a hankerin’ for a mash-up. When I do, I really go on a tear, enjoying new ways of hearing old songs. And with Roxanne Should Be Dancing, DJ Zebra shows those of you new to mash-ups exactly how they ought to be done. He takes a mournful and rather strange song about a guy in love with a prostitute and turns it into a snappy disco tune. Behold, the power of mash. The Police have the sting taken out of Roxanne (if you’ll pardon the pun), when the Bee Gees arrive to explain the problem - not enough dancing. I was torn between laughing and really hearing the lyrics to Roxanne for the first time in years. You can download Roxanne Should Be Dancing (and more) from DJ Zebra’s web site.

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