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Bootie Wars: Darth Mashup

Legbamel Not-Pop

It came to me the other day in posting about G3rst that I have almost as many Star Wars-related mashups as I do versions of that one Nirvana song. I thought it high time I shared them all with you all. Rather than blather about them individually, let me just tip my hat to DJ Zebra, FAROFF, G3rst, Party Ben, and Ithaca Audio for their creativity and ability to make me smile.

The links all over that last sentence are to the pages where you can snag your very own copies of these Star Wars mashups. Have a listen and let me know if you have a Star Wars mashup that I’ve missed. Carnival music, Daft Punk, and Joey Starr just aren't enough for one list! Besides, I’m always up for a new twist on the Imperial March or the cantina scene…unless it comes from George Lucas.

Bootie Wars with Darth Mash by legbamel on Grooveshark

I completely forgot this beautiful piece of lunacy. While it's not a mashup, it does crack me up and it is LFMAO dancing to the cantina band song. That's good enough for me!

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