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Mashup of the Month: 500 Miles of Motivation – G3rst

Legbamel Not-Pop

Hands up, those of you who have thought to yourselves, “Gee, I wish The Proclaimers had done 500 Miles way faster.” Now hands down, those of you who are big, fat liars. If anyone is left, have I ever got a mashup for you.

G3rst does good work but never so much as on 500 Miles of Motivation. He’s taken The Proclaimers, sped them up to a frenetic pace that makes the original sound like a lullaby, and laid it over Sum 41 to create something wildly motivating. Sure, it’s a little fast for World Sauntering Day, but you can saunter when you’re done listening, if you can slow down again.

Like each Mashup of the Month, you can download 500 Miles of Motivation for free from the G3rst web site where you’ll also find such delights as Dub of Fire, Hotel California in Fire and Flames, and We No Speak Cantina. I’m still going to do a Star Wars Mashup post and that one will definitely be on it. In the meantime, enjoy 500 speedy miles!

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