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Cynthia - Zak Smith


I tend to make associations between musicians, sometimes with little reason. In the case of Zak Smith, however, my immediate thought was of E. In part that stems from the similarity in their voices, not so much in sound but in feel.

For me, this slightly raspy, honeyed wool sort of voice seems cozy, more intimate than screamers or smooth crooners. It's a piece of why I like Jim Bianco so much. And Zak Smith has it, too.

As a bonus you get lyrics that actually interest you and a polished sound unlike a lot of first-album musicians who end up sounding like they've recorded in a culvert and the suppressed the vocals.

I've chosen to share Cynthia with you because of a complete tangent on which I will go right now. Every time I hear Zak ask, "Where's your head at, Cynthia?" The Alcoskalics pop into my head yelling, "Richard, where's your cranium?"

I was going to include both songs but, as wondrous as the the musical bounty of the Internet may be, I could find no way to share Richard Cranium with you. It doesn't pop up on YouTube anywhere and I couldn't find it anywhere I could embed from except a sketchy-looking site that was mostly in Russian and it didn't seem to work anyway.

Whatever the case, I still want to share Zak Smith and Cynthia with you all. Do let me know what you think and click over to Soundcloud via the player to hear more.

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