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LA River Tributes

Legbamel Not-Pop

In a chain of unlikely events, today I was moved to post three very different songs that share a general topic: the LA River. I'd not heard the term, living far north of there in the good part of California, until E introduced me to it in LA River. Yet images of the concrete drainage ditches are so much a part of movies set in LA that I could immediately picture what he meant. I've still never seen the real thing but films set thrilling car chases in them to this day.

But the mournful E was far from the only person to sing about the LA River. Rancid has a delightfully strange little ditty of the same name and the obscure HoneyHoney sang about it in Down by the River. All in all, nothing I've seen or heard has made me want to visit the place but it does seem to inspire particularly interesting songs. Have I missed any good ones that you'd like to share?

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