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To Hell with the Devil - Jim Bianco

Legbamel Not-Pop

For this, my 750th post, I am going to gush. I have been fiddling around on Spotify, checking out the playlists of the people subscribed to the playlists of the people with whom I'm connected. And in so doing I found Jim Bianco, with whom I am currently in deep smit. Naturally, I went straight to Grooveshark to see what they had to share with you all. As with many obscure and currently-producing artists, he had SXSW tracks and a few tidbits from his last couple of albums.

Happily, To Hell with the Devil was one of those bits. Like every song of his I've listened to, Jim Bianco has taken a familiar type--the love song--and taken it lyrically to a somewhat warped and clever place. His view of life and love is just that little bit skewed that makes me smile and the music is deep and wide enough, with horns included, that it strongly supports the vocals.

If you like this one, head over to his official web site where you can listen to and buy all of his albums. I can't recommend his latest, "Loudmouth", highly enough. In particular, have a listen to Elevator Operator and Shut Up and Kiss Me. And to give you a taste, try To Hell with the Devil right here. Let me know what you think!

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