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Funk-sur-Mer - Zebra & Bagad Karaez

Legbamel Not-Pop

Zebra & Bagad KaraezAs you can see, when DJ Zebra decided to work with a band he didn't screw around. He went out and found a mass of musicians, with horns and pipes and drums and the whole nine yards. There he stands, out front, with his guitar. Who knew he had such non-electronic chops?

Well, of course I did when I posted their first single from the eponymous album, Plus Rein ne Marrete. But I didn't quite realize what an enormous, glorious mess the whole thing was. I thought there were discreet loops building this enormous sound. I was utterly wrong. As an apology, please enjoy Funk-sur-Mer, which convinced me to finally get my poop in a group and buy the album
, mainly by making me dance around my living room like a fool and, once or twice, squee like a little girl.

Honestly, I can't say enough good about the unexpected combination of Zebra and Bagad Karaez. You have to hear it for yourself. Now lets hope this player actually works, because I'd feel terrible if you couldn't actually do that. [EDIT: Apparently you can listen to the whole thing instead of just Funk-sur-Mer. Do it, do it now!]

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