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Shake Away - Lila Downs

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'd like to change the lyrics for _My Favorite Things_ to include a song that kicks me in the face on first listen and makes me run over here to share it with you. That's what happened with Lila Downs this morning. I was considering posting what I think is the best cover of La Bamba ever when I tripped over Shake Away. Since I was already chair dancing, I thought I'd keep going and the song gave me plenty to keep my shakin' it.

Then there was the theme, which brought Florence + the Machine to mind, with the bonus image of shaking it off like a rattlesnake. And then...then...well, then, my dears Lila Downs nailed me to my chair, open-mouthed, while she pulled off the same thing Bobby Darin did in Blue Skies, maybe even better. That note, that power, that strength!

Have a listen, my darlings, and see if you're as pleasantly stunned with Shake Away as I have been.

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