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Hanky Panky Kind of Love - Red Elvises

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's that obnoxious day when relationships are shoved down our collective throats, regardless of the ostensible religious reason for marking the fourteenth of February in the first place. I'd like to continue my tradition of posting anti-Valentine songs with a story from Red Elvises.

Hanky Panky Kind of Love takes a stroll on the boardwalk with a girlfriend into a sordid tale of lust and betrayal. That sounds about right for today, doesn't it? Should you prefer a story of pity sex with an ex, try last year's Deadeye Dick post of Sentimental Crap. Yup, that's me--all about the hearts and roses. Happy Valentine's Day!

Hanky Panky Kind of Love by Red Elvises on Grooveshark

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