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Sentimental Crap - Deadeye Dick

Legbamel Not-Pop

For me, Sentimental Crap is the quintessential anti-Valentine’s Day song. It's from Deadeye Dick, you know, that one-hit-wonder band who did New Age Girl who don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone (ruff)?

Yet I really liked the band. To my knowledge they only ever released the one album but Sentimental Crap seems like a pretty darned perfect pop song, to me. It's got resigned lust, a catchy tune, and a relate-able story to tell. "You have to know that my heart is hardly worth your meager effort. I'll let you in one more time but this sentimental crap has gotta stop."

And so, on this hokiest of cheese-fest holidays, I offer you the perfect accompaniment to giving in to your ex's booty call. Go ahead, indulge my dears. And in the back of your head you can be singing along with Deadeye Dick. Tomorrow, don't call. Trust me.

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