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Soulful Dress - Sugar Pie DeSanto

Legbamel Not-Pop

You, my cruel darlings, have been keeping secrets from me. You've let me go all these years without telling me about Sugar Pie DeSanto, you evil things. Now, I might punish you by withholding all of the fantastic music I listened to today but I'm not like that. Instead, I'm going to flaunt Soulful Dress, just like Sugar Pie is in the song.

For those of you who aren't in on the conspiracy, Ms. DeSanto has put out some of the best soul and bluesy funk I've enjoyed. She's been rockin' for sixty years but her biggest hits came in the 1960s. How do I know Etta James and not Sugar Pie DeSanto, you ask? I have no idea, but apparently they had a pair of big hits together. Clearly, I've not been reading the credits and liner notes carefully enough.

Whatever the case, I'm catching up now. I'll definitely be posting more, but if you're in the mood for some have a search. You can find her all over the web, though sparsely (sadly) at Grooveshark. And if you're one of those who's been keeping quiet about DeSanto, 'fess up with your favorite song of her.

Soulful Dress by Sugar Pie DeSanto on Grooveshark

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