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Spoonful - Etta James & Harvey Fuqua

Legbamel Not-Pop

Normally I'm not a bandwagon jumper but, in case you hadn't heard, Etta James died today at the age of 73. She's been such a part of my musical life over the years that I feel it's only right to share something more than At Last to help others remember just how amazing she was.

Spoonful, a duet with Harvey Fuqua about whom you hear almost nothing, gives you a good showcase of both her well-known voice and her style. She performed everything from Motown and blues to pop and gospel and spanned from naughty to nice. And Spoonful straddles a line that lands a bit on the naughty side but runs straight through Motown and blues to early-60s pop.

So spare a moment to remember Etta James and some of the other great voices that no longer bring us such treats. And then spare another to look for a new one that deserves some love, too.

Spoonful (feat. Harvey Fuqua) by Etta James on Grooveshark

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