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Souljacker, Part I - Eels

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's been ages since I posted some Eels for you all. Heck, it's been over a year since I even posted E! Let's have some more-upbeat E for today, shall we?

Mark Everett made some beautiful, melancholy music on his own and with the Eels. Every so often, though, he pulls out a whole lot of attitude and channels his inner Beck to make rollicking rock that make you get up and dance. Heck, listening to Souljacker, Part I you can hardly credit that it's the same guy!

Every once in a while you can hear that distinctive voice, however. It's just often enough that you don't start thinking the Eels got a new vocalist for the album. (I checked, just in case. They didn't.

If you like Souljacker, Part I try Tremendous Dynamite or Rotton World. And if you want more of the E sound try I Like the Way This Is Going, a lovely love song if ever there was one.

Souljacker, Part I by Eels on Grooveshark

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