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City - Mad Anthony

Legbamel Not-Pop

About a month ago I blathered on about Mad Anthony and how they reminded me of The Toadies. I also noted that the song I included wasn't the reason why. For today, I thought I'd share City as both a great example of why I like the band and why I still say they owe a musical debt to the older alt-rock band.

Be warned, Mad Anthony loves the city in their song a lot, enough that they feel the need to use an expletive to explain just how much. Repeatedly. But if you're okay with that I highly recommend a listen. The bitter energy of the track makes you want to jump up and down about it with them, and the lyrics, as you know I love, explain the vehemence of the chorus.

If you like City have a listen to Boob. I almost posted the latter as I think it's the best song on the album but I just couldn't bring myself to use it as the title song. I'm shy.

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