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Oxygen Tank - Mad Anthony

Legbamel Not-Pop

From the first track on their eponymous new album, Man Anthony made me say, "Is this a new, improved Toadies?" As I previously asked you whether Greg Preston & the Great Machine with their Zoot Suit was related to The Toadies' I Come from the Water, I decided to include Oxygen Tank from Mad Anthony as a third facet to the puzzle. This song, too, invokes the imagery of coming up from the water to live on dry land.

That theme, however, is not what made me think of The Toadies when I started listening to Mad Anthony. And Oxygen Tank isn't even the best song on the album. I'll definitely post more of this hard-rocking, bass-guitar-free, post-punk-ish trio when I finally do decide the best song on the album. For now, have a listen and let me know if you think they owe a musical debt to The Toadies.

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