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Have Mercy Baby - Jelly Roll Kings

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've got a great blues two-fer today: not only a crying man song but a jelly roll song, too. Well, Have Mercy Baby doesn't talk about jelly rolls in a euphemistic ways but it is performed by Jelly Roll Kings, which offers a significant nod to the wide-spread use of the term in blues.

The Jelly Roll Kings played together off and on for decades, from the sixties on into the nineties, when the mood struck them. Sadly, you'll never find a new album from the trio as they've all passed away. You can, however, enjoy some great songs from the two albums they did release and a slew of great stuff from Frank Frost, Big Jack Johnson, and Sam Carr. In this case, YouTube is your friend.

Have Mercy Baby by Jelly Roll Kings on Grooveshark

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