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Jelly Roll Songs

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was digging through some Jelly Roll Morton in search of a particular tune when I realized just how many jelly roll songs there were out there. For today, let's have a listen to a few. Okay, let's try fourteen. You'll find Louis Armstrong, Taj Mahal, and Frank Zappa tossed in between The Cramps, Nitzinger, and Charles Mingus. I've organized them in groups, the first with a space and the second jellyroll songs without a space. That's about all of the organizing I was up to today. You'd think I'd have thrown in an actual Jelly Roll Morton song, wouldn't you? That would, however, be far too predictable. Enjoy my "little bit of everything" list and I'll be back with something a little more specific tomorrow.

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  1. jelly roll blues is pure perfect .. i love play video game and i love the game mafia and HHHooo this track blow my mind .... what s is jelly roll?

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