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The Tiki Bar Is Open - John Hiatt

Legbamel Not-Pop

I know it's only Thursday but it's been a long week. Let's pop out for a drink, shall we? John Hiatt told me that The Tiki Bar Is Open, which sounds like just the thing. Maybe later we can go get a shot of Tanqueray.

The Tiki Bar Is Open is, in fact, a rockin', bluesy, country-flavored song about drowning your sorrows, finding companionship, and generally celebrating the joys of stopping for a bump on a sorrowful day. Before you start thinking it's a song promoting alcoholism, consider the last verse that points out that drinking is no solution and he hasn't had one for seventeen years. This is about going to the bar, not getting drunk.

This is the title track from the man's sixteenth album, out more than ten years, yet one that completely flew under my radar. If you listen to the whole thing you'll realize the real reason he's seeking out the tiki bar: he's mourning Dale Earnhardt. I know, I didn't see it coming, either.

That doesn't make this any less of an awesome song. Have a listen and let me know if you're as glad as I am that The Tiki Bar Is Open.

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