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Tanqueray - Johnnie Johnson

Legbamel Not-Pop

Dear Music World: Why have you hidden this amazing opportunity for quality chair dancing from me for twenty years? All of that time I could have spent grooving, all of those time I could have recommended Tanqueray to everyone I meet and I missed it?! I'm so sad. Johnnie Johnson has been playing mean piano blues for a very long time, but somehow his 1991 album "Johnnie B Bad" went right past me. In case you find yourself in need of a great song, or you happen to have stepped around the corner for a drink of Tanqueray, I'm happy to recommend this one to you. It's almost good enough to get me to try Gin and Juice...almost. That may or may not be a hint about tomorrow's post. In the meantime, get down with a little Tanqueray.

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