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Inception - Spekulation

Legbamel Not-Pop

If you missed my recent post about Spekulation you'll have to visit that one to see what I said about him. That's because every album I find (or, in this case, am sent) offers a different sound. In the case of his newest release, a self-titled album that's half rap and remix and half instrumentals from the same songs, it's another new ballgame.

You can name your price on bandcamp but I thought I'd share my favorite song from the album. This one's less remix and more what I liked so much about "The Bite": actual instruments. And, yes, this album also includes Jason Parker on the trumpet.

Being one of those people who refuses to see a movie if its a main topic of conversation, I've never seen Inception so I don't know how much the music owes to the movie. I do know that I like it and the lyrics as well. The lines "I may not catch mine but I'll never chase yours" really hit home with me.

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