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Spekulation: The Bite

Legbamel Not-Pop

Normally I focus on a single song but today I've got a whole album for you all and you can listen to it right here. Spekulation is what I call jazz hop: a fusion group that brings you a wild mix of a beat poetry-style jazz combo overlaid with a hip hop, sing-song, rap thing that I've really enjoyed. Jason Parker and Matt Watson, two of the musicians I follow on Google+ happen to be in the band. Imagine if social media weren't around how much new music we'd all miss! I wanted you all to hear what some creative musicians can do in a little club without autotune, seventeen tracks for the engineer to loop, and with a fair chunk of talent. They've got a bunch of stuff on BandCamp.com, including a free download of the Depression Era EP, so if you like what you hear go and pick up some more. I have no disclaimer on this one: I know these guys only as much as you know anyone on social media and I'm not any sort of affiliate for BandCamp. I just want you all to have nice things.

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