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Hole in the Bucket - Michael Franti & Spearhead

Legbamel Not-Pop

When I posted the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy version of California Uber Alles I didn't realize that Michael Franti was involved with the band. Perhaps I should have. I still think it's a cool name. But I'm posting tonight about another Michael Franti effort, this one called Spearhead. They first came to my attention with Hole in the Bucket, a story song about a sort of existential experience with a homeless man and a spool of thread. It's so well done that it made me late for work one morning. I didn't want to miss the end of the story, the decision he made. And they payoff for listening was a surprise plot twist. That's a lot of freight for a song, and one that Franti and Spearhead carry well. It's maybe a little mellow for a Friday night but, hey, you can always listen to it in the morning. The groove and message are well worth your time.

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