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Gin and Juice - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

For the life of me I will never understand the appeal of most bluegrass vocalists. The only times I understand it is when I find things like the bluegrass covers of Gin and Juice that have been slaying me all week. I'd intended, after posting Tanqueray a few days ago, to post this list of covers but my short attention span intervened. So to occupy your long weekend, I offer you all a tall, cool list of Gin and Juice, complete with bluegrass fiddles and twang so nasal it'll stop up your sinuses. I've included a mellower version from Richard Cheese and a punk cover from NoFX. Sadly, a huge pile of the covers listed on Grooveshark are simply the aforementioned bluegrass cover from The Gourds labeled as something else. There are a couple of other hip hop versions included, however, and an exceedingly creepy one from Jaymz Bee & the Deep Lounge Coalition. Have a listen to all nine versions of Gin and Juice and let me know: do the bluegrass covers from The Gourds and Bandjoe make them sound gangsta or do NoFX and The Stu Tails sound like they could make it in the hood?

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