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Henry Rollins Don't Dance - Allo, Darlin'

Legbamel Not-Pop

As I promised yesterday, we're going to have some Allo, Darlin' telling us how Henry Rollins Don't Dance. The reason the song first caught my attention was the verse in which dream-Rollins orders the DJ to play some Abba and "he raises his tiny fist to Dancing Queen". I don't know if you've ever seen Henry Rollins but his fists certainly don't qualify as tiny and I cannot, for the life of me, picture him rockin' to Abba.

But I picked the band not because they sent me music to review but because I saw the name somewhere and somehow associated it with a show I used to love, once upon a time, 'Allo 'Allo!. Now, the two don't have a thing to do with one another but I sought the band and found this song and immediately my weird associations came together. You see, hubby don't dance, either, just like poor Elizabeth Morris's beau but I dream about it anyway (though mine most often involve swing music rather than Abba).

That's perhaps rather more sharing than you need but it's Saturday night and I may or may not have been drinking mudslides so I'm willing to let you read it. And of course I definitely want you to hear the song which is all mixed up in my head with hubby having a French accent and jamming to Black Flag, with salsa horns in the background. I'd try to put that image out of your head and just enjoy the song, were I you. If you like their sound, try The Polaroid Song or My Heart Is a Drummer. I'd avoid the Allo, Darlin' cover of I Wanna Be Sedated, however, unless you want to be very, very sad. It's that slow.

Now, you can't take these sort of things seriously. Henry Rollins does dance, sort of. For evidence, see this video of Low Self Opinion.

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