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Black Coffee - Henry Rollins

Legbamel Not-Pop

You must know by now, my dears, of my love affair with coffee. I've posted a number of times about coffee songs in all their various forms, whether java or joe or just plain coffee.

The one thing I've never posted is the song that immediately comes to mind when someone refers to Black Coffee. It isn't the original Black Flag version of the song but the Henry Rollins "cover" of himself on the tribute album "Rise Above". It makes me think of some pretty dark times in my life when a lot of black coffee and a lot of anger kept me going. It's also got a simple chorus that I use to answer anyone who asks what I'm drinking at work. As you can imagine, the "stare at the wall" part keeps my co-workers on their toes...or at lease well away from me.

There's finally a good rip of the song available on Grooveshark so I'm sharing it with you all today. And if you wonder what's in that cup just by the monitor, you've already got your answer.

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