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Cupajoe - Antrhax and Mobtown

Legbamel Not-Pop

Many months ago I posted about The Alcoskalics and their Cup a'Joe but it never crossed my mind that the song might be a cover. Then I found hubby listening to Anthrax and realized that it was a coffee song. When I asked the name he responded, "Cupajoe." Naturally that got my mental wheels turning.

It came to pass that the two songs have nothing to do with one another. But I do have to wonder how the gents from Anthrax could have that much "aargh" for forty-six whole seconds if they haven't already had plenty of coffee. That said, it's a fun little song. It's too short for a whole post, though. So I've added a much slower coffee song to take the edge off, Cup o'Joe from Mobtown. It's a mellow instrumental with the words "Cup o'Joe" thrown in once in a while. Actually, you might have to go back to Anthrax afterwards. It's nice but it doesn't make me think, "Coffee!"

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