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Tattoo Vampire - Blue Öyster Cult

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'm never sure if Blue Öyster Cult used to be pop, outside of the played-to-death Don't Fear the Reaper, or if I just happened to hang out with a lot of people who listened to them. But it doesn't matter. They certainly aren't now. Yet I can't help but think that Tattoo Vampire ought to be enjoying a revival among the bloodsucker-obsessed that seem to be everywhere these days.

I have seen no indication that it has, however. Perhaps that's just as well. I rather like feeling like the only person who knows "Imaginos" by heart (yes, the whole album. I don't know why I like it so much.) And it isn't like the song is actually about vampires, except as an odd metaphor for tattoos. Bah, I'm musing. Just enjoy the song!

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