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Dusty and Spy vs Spy

Legbamel Not-Pop

As much as a live-action Spy vs. Spy movie fills me with a combination of facepalm horror and geeky glee I can't help but worry about the soundtrack. No, you're not surprised. My fear is that it will be filled with trendy garbage, to make it salable, rather than awesome, spy-appropriate music.

And so I want to suggest to the music-powers-that-be working on the upcoming film that they consider songs that sound like James Bond would have them on his mp3-playing, laser-shooting, zip-line-containing watch. And these days that means Dusty. In particular, songs like Voodoo (my favorite), Explosion, and Revolver Theme seem tailor-made for the sort of tongue-in-cheek, retro espionage thing that Spy vs. Spy ought to be. Judge for yourself (and let me know if I'm full of malarkey!)

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