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A Chat with My Brain - Tristan Clopet

Legbamel Not-Pop

Several months ago I posted about Tristan Clopet & the Juice and his "Purple" EP. A couple of weeks ago he dropped his first album, "Name It What You Want" and released a video for his first single, A Chat with My Brain. The album seems much more introspective and mellow than the the EP, not necessarily a bad thing but you know I'm a high-BPM kind of girl.

However, A Chat with My Brain and La Naissance keep me interested in the boys from Florida. I'm still curious to see where they're going and how they develop (and whether more of that funk comes back). The whole album has flashes of brilliance and the fact that they write their own songs and manage to actually be interesting promises good things to come. You can listen to all of "Name It What You Want" on the official web site. Take a crack at 4:45 Through Remembrance when you're there.

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