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Jukebox Roots: Get a Gun - The Connells

Legbamel Not-Pop

When I first began The Not-Pop Jukebox I posted some of my absolute favorite songs right away, not realizing just how much I had to learn. Get a Gun is a perfect example of this. I adore the song, and The Connells in general, proto-indie gents from North Carolina that they are.

Today I want to share the song with you all because I still love it. The imagery is so clear and the metaphor supported so beautifully by the lyrics. Twenty-plus years later it stands as a wonderful example of the art of song crafting. If you don't the meaning, click on the title above for a brief explanation. Whether you do nor not, enjoy Get a Gun. You can hear Slackjawed on the third of my posts on fade endings in the music industry over the past 50 years, as well.

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