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Get a Gun - The Connells

Legbamel Not-Pop

I really like The Connells. It may be nostalgia, it may because they were indie long before there was such a tag to hang on smart, low-tech, lightly-produced music. Then again, I could like their music because it's so darn good. While many people know Slackjawed and '74-'75, Get a Gun from their 1990 album, "One Simple Word", remains my favorite Connells song. It may be the startling image, which actually refers to a World War II directive that pilots shot down behind enemy lines take their own lives, but sounds much more menacing and haunting with Doug MacMillan's almost wistful delivery. You can't buy the individual tracks, but the album contains only good stuff, so I heartily recommend that you just pick up the whole thing.
Get A Gun
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