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Hot Shot - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Legbamel Not-Pop

In honor of the fact that I've been accepted by the BC Blog Reject Committee (by whom I was awarded this nifty badge) for the sheer lack of ability to grow an audience or garner attention through years of consistent blogging, let's have some grinding, fuzzed-out guitar rock with Hot Shotfrom The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

I've chosen JSBX because it's these sorts of selections that prove I'll never be mainstream...and because I like them, those weirdos. They have about a dozen different sounds. I like to call this one "Elvis punk". It's a live take so you get a real sense of their energy but it also means that the sound quality isn't fantastic. Then again, their studio work sounds a lot like this for the most part.

If you like Hot Shot (and She Said, linked above) take a listen to Do You Wanna Get Heavy? and Killer Wolf. You'll find a whole mess of their music at Grooveshark. And apparently I forgot to include the song. Sorry!

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