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She Said - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Legbamel Not-Pop

To demonstrate just how far behind the times I am, I only just discovered that the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion seems to have misplaced Jon Spencer. Wait, no, that's just a Wikipedia rumor. As far as I can tell, the band has been releasing albums under the full JSBX name all along, including the three re-released this year. You can get a pretty good picture of their sonic playground from these albums, from the almost-surf-rock sound of Let's Smerf on "Now I Got to Worry" to straighter rock-blues sound of Chicken Dog from "Dirty Shirt Rock 'n' Roll" to the screaming rockabilly of Hot Shot on their live album "Controversial Negro". The web site seems pretty neglected, but only since March, 2010, and still bears the full name. Here is yet another example of why taking "facts" on Wikipedia as gospel should never happen. If the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion still calls itself that, who am I to argue?

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