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Trombada - Siri

Legbamel Not-Pop

A few weeks ago I read a book for which I did not particularly care. But at the end of that book was a list of songs that the author called his "soundtrack" for writing the story. You know the first thing I did was listen to those songs. Among a large number of things for which I also did not care was Trombada from the Brazilian percussionist Siri.

Trombada is a nifty little instrumental with horns and all sorts of interesting percussion things going on in the background. It's also fairly representative of his work: a lot of interesting and very little melody. If you like this one take a listen to songs like Placenta (but only with good stereo headphones) or the inventive N'√°gua on Grooveshark. You know what I suddenly want? I want Siri to do an album with Chapmion, or a whole movie like "The Triplets of Belleville". I do believe that would make my musical life complete...for at least two hours.

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