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She's Actual Size - They Might Be Giants

Legbamel Not-Pop

Really good lyrics cling to your brain for years, popping up in odd circumstances and entering your conversation. (Unfortunately, really good lyrics can’t carry a mediocre song but that’s a different post.) She’s Actual Size from They Might Be Giants makes my point for me.

Hubby and I regularly, if not often, include references to this song in our conversation. It’s impossible for us to discuss something seen in the mirror of a vehicle without pointing out that “it’s actual size but it seems much bigger to me”.

If you’re not familiar with TMBG, or only know their most recent releases, She’s Actual Size will introduce you to the wackiness that makes the duo so infectious. Not all of their left-field lyrical attempts are as successful but this one hit that intersection of weird and memorable that made it permanent resident of my brain.

Then again, if you’re not familiar with the TMBG of the 80s and 90s you may not have ever heard Istanbul (Not Constantinople) and there may be no hope for you. I’m joking, of course. There’s always hope for those who missed quirky hit songs a decade or three ago. It’s called The Not-Pop Jukebox.

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